Daventry fundraiser hopes to restore 0-6-0 locomotive 'Cherwell'

Engine based at the Rushden Transport Museum needs to raise up to £100k
Published Fri, 2018-06-08 16:17

A 15-year old budding engineer has set his sights on the restoration of a forgotten steam engine once cherished by Daventry residents.




Cherwell © Jordan Bailey

Jordan Bailey from Wymington has started a gofundme page with hopes of raising a target of £100,000 to bring the engine back to working condition. For the time being the Rushden Transport Museum will treat the locomotive to a new lick of paint over the summer, with long-term plans of a full restoration.

The locomotive was popular with children in the town who once used it as a climbing frame. But, in 1999, it was put it into the care of the Rushden Historic Transport Society (RHTS) due to safety concerns.

Cherwell was one of six engines of its kind built in 1942 by W. G. Bagnall in Staffordshire and was used to transport ironstone from Charwelton to Byfield until production of ironstone in the district stopped in 1965.

Volunteers at the Rushden Transport Museum hope Cherwell can be restored because she is a local engine and was the largest steam locomotive in the RHTS fleet as well as the most powerful. Minimal work has already been carried out to the loco, including the removal of asbestos and a cleaning of the tank.

If you would like to help to fund the cause please donate to www.gofundme.com/the-cherwell-project or visit www.rhts.co.uk.

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