60163 Tornado trapped on the NYMR

60163 Tornado
Locomotive visiting North Yorkshire Moors Railway due to be moved by low-loader today
Published Wed, 2018-03-14 11:39

Class A1 60163 Tornado became stuck on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway when a bin lorry struck a bridge along its route. 




60163 Tornado © Creative Commons Licence

The new-build locomotive had been hauliing services along the heritage line when the lorry hit a bridge at Castleton Moor on Monday. Network Rail was forced to suspend the line leaving the engine stuck on the NYMR.  

The locomotive and its crew are due to attend an event on the Severn Valley Railway this Friday, meaning the engine now has to be transported by road to ensure she can keep to her planned schedule for the season. 

The team will be busy throughout today working to move Tornado to Bridgnorth before the start of the gala on Friday with an outline plan for road movement in place.

Nobody was hurt in the incident but a spokesperson said: "It is not known how long repairs will take". 

The £3m locomotive is owned by a trust and was built by a group of rail enthusiasts in Darlington and Doncaster over a 18-year period.

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