Your Clips

Share your recent railway clips with Unseen Steam.

Send us your clips (.mov and .wmv files only please) and our experts will select the best to make available on the website.

Please send to and write ‘Your Clips Submission’ as the subject.

Please let us know:

  • Your details – name and email address
  • The date the clip was shot
  • The location of the clip
  • The subject of the clip

At Unseen Steam we are very grateful for your shared footage, but not every clip that we receive will be displayed. Our experts will decide which clips to use and their decision is final. (Tripod-based rather than hand-held footage is likely to be preferred.)
Those clips that are selected will appear in our Your Clips section and may be featured on the home page.
Only those clips sent with the subject ‘Your Clips Submission’ will be considered, and by sending the e-mail in that form you are warranting that you are the copyright holder of the footage and giving us your permission to display it on the Unseen Steam website.
Clips may be edited for length.
Displayed clips will show a credit to the name that you provide.